Aïssatou Baldé launches Nawaari, the first African platform for Francophone freelancers.

Based in France and originally from Guinea, Aïssatou Baldé created in 2020 Nawaari, a platform that connects freelancers from the continent with Francophone companies. With just a few clicks, you have access to a selection of African professionals who offer services such as: website creation and mobile applications, digital communication campaigns, SEO experts, social network animation, content editing, visual creation and videos etc …

On Nawaari, companies choose from among the 500 registered freelancers the one who will be able to carry out their mission. Customers can order a personalized service or buy the service offered by the freelancer. A choice that can be made with confidence since on Nawaari a rigorous selection process in several stages is applied.





Struck by the crisis, European companies must reduce their costs while maintaining their activity. Communication is essential although it is often part of the first budgets revised downwards. The outsourcing of digital communication missions to the African continent is an economical solution with great potential.

At Nawaari, freelancers freely set their prices according to their experience and their operating costs, on the same model as French freelancers, in order to guarantee satisfactory and lasting remuneration. In the African cities where their freelancers are located, this type of activity also supports the local economy, employment and skills development.



Nawaari is positioned as a trusted third party between the freelance who is looking for assignments and the client who wishes to entrust him with a digital project.


– The client chooses from profiles verified by Nawaari, qualified and motivated

– The customer purchases the service directly on the platform and pays by credit card

– The money is kept by Nawaari while the mission is completed

– Once the mission is completed, the money is paid to the freelancers within 48 hours depending on the payment method chosen by them.

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